Telecommunication engineering

We have done telecommunication installations in buildings since 2000.

We comprehensively instal modern and integrated teletechnical systems in office buildings, commercial spaces and public utility areas. Telecommunication engineering is an indispensable tool to keep buildings safe and is essential for correct flow of distribution of electric energy and signals.


[Within this design you receive:]

Installation of systems of structured cabling of buildings

Structured cabling is an indispensable element of installation in every company. We realise all kinds of wired digital communication. Depending on the needs and environment conditions we offer wiring installations in every category.

Maintenance of network and devices

Maintenance, repairs, configuration and maintaining the efficiency of the teletechnical network and devices. Everything is done in compliance with technical requirements, producer’s recommendations and binding regulations as well as instructions for exploitation and maintenance.

Closed circuit television systems

Closed circuit, or monitored, television system (CCTV) conveys and registers the current picture from the protected areas of a building whereby allowing to descry undesirable persons and phenomena and enabling the appointed services, e.g. security, the police, the fire brigade, to act fast.

Access control

We offer an access control system (KD) which makes it impossible for an unauthorised person to enter the protected building thereby ensuring people’s, property and information security. We make use of such solutions as common access cards or fingerprint readers which offer the comfort and freedom of using the system.

Time and attendance

A suitable time and attendance system makes it possible to reduce the costs of employment and objectively assess the efficiency of employees. Information delivered by the system allows to avoid mistakes while settling the worktime.

Anti-burglary and robbery system

Burglary and Assault Signalling System (SSWiN) protects the facility against invasion of undesirable persons. Most often, it uses passive infrared sensors which react to movement (PIR) and magnetic sensors and reed switches placed on windows, doors and garage gates. The system is armed and disarmed by typing on the keyboard a proper user code, turning the key or reading a proximity card.

Sound systems

We design public address systems together with DSO (sound warning system) which allow to inform people on the premises to be informed as soon as possible about the ensuing danger and to direct them to fire exits. It is also used on the premises of various facilities from public buildings to premises of companies and large-area stores. Systems to convey marketing announcements or to play music. It will prove useful for conference rooms and other venues of mass events where there is the need to apply an installation consisting of loudspeakers.

Conference systems

Running conferences, controlling the agenda as well as the order and time of speaking. Advanced conference systems will plan and consistently run a meeting according to the set scheme. They will also record the course of the conference. One of the solutions are conference systems based on loudspeakers built into desktops. The advantage of this solution is optimum sound coverage of the room and high understandability of speech. Wireless systems enable effortless and fast configuration so that within several minutes the system can be started in every room. Depending on the set operating mode of the system, the participants can join the discussion or declare readiness to take the floor while waiting for permit (activating the microphone).

Building management system

A system for managing the building automation: ventilation, air-conditioning, thermal installation, plumbing etc. It enables supervision and control as well as optimisation of the work of installations and technical devices in buildings from one spot. It also enables to remotely operate and visualise the devices while at work. At the same time, it is possible to create a monitoring system which will visualise the state of automation of the building and the security systems.

Fire protection systems for buildings

Fire alarm system (SSP) detects a fire at an early stage through measuring the physical measurements characteristic for the source of fire hazards. We design the installation and ensure servicing the system regardless of its size and range.


Telecommunication engineering

We comprehensively realise modern and intergrated teletechnical systems in office buildings, commercial spaces and public utility areas.

Electrical egineering

We offer both simple utility installations as well as highly advanced installation investments in large-scale facilities.


We create a useful, valuable and functional space.

Design and arrangement

We prepare visualisations of office, commercial and public utility space.


We offer integrated services connected with servicing and maintaining all the systems installed in a facility together with the relevant fixture.

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