We create a useful, valuable and functional space.

We provide comprehensive finishing of office, commercial and public utility space. FIT-OUT also means a comprehensive renovation of offices and of commercial space. We offer a turnkey surface finish. We make client’s dreams of new company’s premises according to their liking come true. We make you satisfied with a possibility of designing functional solutions. Fit-out Warszawa and Fit-out the whole Poland.


[This package gives you:]


- Visualisation of usable area
- Conceptual design (space plans)
- Project (construction, execution)
- Industry documentation, opinions on projects, expert’s opinions and obtaining permits
- Commissionings

Cost estimate

Full documentation connected with the implementation budget

Construction work

- Plasterboard walls (assembling plasterboard partition walls)
– Brick walls
- Glas constructions
- Mobile walls
- Raised foors
- System ceilings
- Door and window joinery
- Flooring, carpet and parquets


- Integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
- Water and sevage installations
- Electrical installation
- Telecommunication installation:
- Fire protection system (building and implementing – fire installations in buildings) - BMS (implementing inteligent building management systems) - DSP (sound warning system – a system enhancing security in the building) - SSP (fire alarm systems in buildings) – extinguishing systems (gas extinguishing systems, sprinklers, water mist) - CO and LPG detection system (detection systems of gases in garages. Garage gas detection systems designed to be installed in garages and underground garages) - Access control - Monitoring and Burglary and Assault Signaling Systems

Comprehensive turnkey interior fittings

- Reception areas, kitchens, wardrobes, conference and multimedia rooms
- Furniture and panel furnishing
- Multimedia equipment
- Panels and logos
- Interior illumination
- Lounge space and furniture


Telecommunication engineering

We comprehensively realise modern and intergrated teletechnical systems in office buildings, commercial spaces and public utility areas.

Electrical egineering

We offer both simple utility installations as well as highly advanced installation investments in large-scale facilities.


We create a useful, valuable and functional space.

Design and arrangement

We prepare visualisations of office, commercial and public utility space.


We offer integrated services connected with servicing and maintaining all the systems installed in a facility together with the relevant fixture.

[Together we can achieve more]

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