Realisation – obstetrics and gynaecological ward in Międzylesie Specialist Hospital

One of our recent projects is the creation of the most modern gynaecology and obstetrics ward in Poland at Międzylesie Specialist Hospital. We were responsible for comprehensive installation of electrical and teletechnical systems (including access control system, closed circuit television, the internet, fire suppression system, sound warning system and fire alarm system)

The ward has been equipped with all the most modern technical solutions and those aimed at ensuring that women in labour and their newborn children enjoy maximum safety and comfort. Elżbieta Lanc, member of the board of the Masovian voivodeship emphasised that the hospital in Międzylesie accepts patients not only from the capital but also from the neighbouring counties. She also said she hoped that after the renovation the hospital would also attract people from other parts of the voivodeship. – I think that the result of the renovation works carried out comes as a positive surprise. Cosy rooms have been created where patients can feel at home. This is a completely new quality of services –Elżbieta Lanc said.

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