Realisation - modular hospital in Szaserów Street in Warsaw

We proudly present one of our latest implementations – a modular hospital located on the premises of Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny (the Military Medical Institute) in Szaserów Street in Warsaw. It is intended for those who are suffering from COVID-19 the most. The hospital functions thanks to the medical staff of the Military Medical Institute and it is a so-called “plus temporary hospital”. “The plus means the highest level of epidemic safety of staff and patients, unlimited range of therapeutic options required by COVID-19 patients and – last but not least – immediate vicinity of a hospital with the highest level of referentiality, which creates additional possibilities of therapy or diagnostics required in a given clinical situation" – explained Gen. Gielerak. The Head of the Military Medical Institute also emphasized that it is the first hospital of this kind in Poland.

"Thanks to technological and organisational solutions used here, it will be able to function successfully, carrying out medical and training tasks long after the epidemic has ended and contributing to increasing the security of the state and its citizens.” – announced Gen. Gielerak. He emphasized that the hospital is modular in nature and it can be moved elsewhere if necessary. "In this way, we relieve beds for non-covid patients at the Military Medical Institute which is one of the biggest hospitals in Warsaw" - said Błaszczak.

The hospital houses 66 intensive care stations with full diagnostic and logistic infrastructure. The hospital can be adapted to accommodate 124 patients. During this implementation, we were responsible for issues related to teletechnics and electrics.

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