Realisation – Flisac Apartaments Powiśle

One of our recent realisations is an upscale residential apartment building. Flisac has been built in a prestigious district of Warsaw – in Powiśle, right next to the Copernicus Science Centre. Undoubtedly, the building catches the eye with its modern body, most of all, however, it is remarkably finely finished with the best quality materials.

Unocom was responsible for the high standard of the finishing. Inside and outside the building we made electrical installations including, among others, lighting of balconies, the corridor, the reception and the green areas around the building. We provided the teletechnical installations (including access control, CCTV systems, RTV installations) as well as the entire fire system and central heating/LPG installations.

One of our latest projects is the creation of a new obstetrics and gynaecological ward in the Międzylesie Specialist Hospital We are responsible for comprehensive installation of electrical and teletechnical systems We are installing access control systems, closed circuit television, internet, fire protection system as well as sound warning system and fire signalling system, all to make future patients of the ward feel comfortable and safe.

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